Unit 11 Reading Activities Plus Questions

Read the following text and then complete the activities that follow.

Dialog between a Boomer office worker with his Gen Z colleague

Amir: Hey Malee, I’m doing inventory for the office. Would you mind helping me out?

Malee: Sure Amir, what do you need?

Amir: Can you please help me check the supply closet to see which items we still have enough of and which we need to order more of? We don’t want to find ourselves without essential supplies again because we didn’t do our inventory properly.

Malee: Okay. But I can only spare about 30 minutes, then I will need to return to my task.

Amir: Thank you so much!

— They walk to the supply closet —

Malee: Is there anything you already have on your shopping list for the office?


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Quiz: Reading Questions

1. Highlighters and sticky notes are among the most popular office supplies.
2. Malee and Amir have the same approach to communication in the office.
3. Inventory is an important task in an office.
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