Unit 14 Reading Activities Plus Questions

Read the following text and then complete the activities that follow.

Email exchange between an office worker and HR manager

Subject Line: Formal Complaint regarding Chuck Baker

To HR,

I am writing to formally report someone on my team in procurement, Chuck Baker.

Chuck has drawn a lot of attention with his negative behavior and attitude ever since he started working with us, which is what prompts me to now issue a formal complaint about him.

Chuck has taken credit for my work on several occasions. He has also repeatedly made inappropriate comments about my gender and color, which have made me feel uncomfortable and unwelcome at work. He routinely interferes with my workflow by approaching me with derogatory comments which he claims are “just for fun”. This is making it extremely difficult for me to adequately complete my work and to effectively move forward with the team.


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Quiz: Reading Questions

1. The HR manager Dave is initially hesitant to make Chuck face consequences for his behavior.
2. Because Harriett threatens to expose Dave for protecting Chuck, he changes his mind and becomes more willing to take action against Chuck.
3. Harriett is willing to forgive Chuck as long as he apologizes and promises to change his behavior in the future.
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