Unit 15 Reading Activities Plus Questions

Read the following text and then complete the activities that follow.

An email exchange between an applicant and HR Manager

Miray sat staring at her laptop, contemplating. She was trying to finally write a speculative application to her dream employer, a well known shipping company. Somehow she felt unsure about everything, from which tone to choose to how to advocate for herself. She knew that she needed to be formal, but she wasn't sure whether to be excessively so or merely to use normal business terminology. Should she use "Sincerely," "Regards," or another phrase as her sign-off? Since she didn't know who was in charge of hiring, she wasn't even certain how to address her email. As the role wasn’t officially advertised, she needed to come up with a compelling subject line and preview that would catch the recipient's interest. Perhaps there was a suitable template online? Miray had heard that personalizing emails was crucial for success, but how should she achieve this when she didn’t know who would be reading her application? “Why is writing emails so hard?” she thought to herself. She took a deep breath and started typing:


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Quiz: Reading Questions

1. Miray is using the information she found on the job posting in her application email in order to make herself appear like an attractive candidate.
2. During the interview, Miray and Candice discussed an article that Miray wrote.
3. After the interview Miray changes the tone in her follow up email to a more informal one.
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