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Below you will find all course units and their respective description, activities and downloads
Unit name Reading Vocabulary Activities Downloads
1. Job Interviews
In this unit you will learn vocabulary surrounding the application process to new jobs and read and listen to a dialogue about a job interview to see how this vocabulary may be applied in real life.
15 8
2. In the Office
In this unit you will learn general vocabulary to navigate work at a standard office and listen to a dialog between two workmates to cement the newly learned terms in your memory.
15 8
3. Customer Service
In this unit, we take a look at why customer service is so important for your business, what problems you should try to avoid, and how to fluently assist your customers in their needs.
15 8
4. Projects
Projects are extremely common in an office job. This unit covers the relevant vocabulary you will need when working on a project or working with a team, and it contains an example dialog at a project meeting.
15 8
5. Climbing the Career Ladder
This unit discusses building and advancing one's career. A short article gives insight into what one needs to consider when starting their career and how to manage expectations.
15 8
6. Building Relationships
Building and keeping good relationships has always been important in business and remains a vital skill for everyone who wishes to advance their careers and be successful at what they do. The article in this unit offers insight on how to build business relationships in the 21st century.
15 8
7. Business Travel
This unit contains business traveler vocabulary to prepare you for business trips, as well as an interview with a sales representative in which he reveals all of his best tips for smooth work travels.
15 8
8. Resolving Conflicts
This unit is focused on resolving employee conflicts and contains vocabulary and a reading activity called "Dialog Between a HR Rep and Two Employees".
15 8
9. Technology in the Workplace
This unit is focused on how technology is used in the workplace and contains vocabulary as well as a reading activity in the form of a sales pitch advocating for how technological products can help streamline other businesses.
15 8
10. Earnings and Rewards
This unit discusses how employees may be rewarded for their work, be it in a monetary or non-monetary way. The reading activity further elaborates on the difficulties managers face when it comes to fairly recognizing and rewarding their staff and how to keep them motivated.
15 8
11. Office Supplies
In this unit you will learn about supplies - tools, devices, and more - that you would typically find at an office desk.
20 8
12. Office Hierarchies/ Corporate Titles
In this unit you will learn about the most common job titles corresponding with common office hierarchies.
20 5
13. Business Negotiations
In this unit you will learn the fundamental terminology used in Business negotiations.
20 5
14. Difficult Office Situations
In this unit you will learn relevant vocabulary for navigating uncomfortable situations that might arise in an office setting, ranging from terminating a contract to Whistleblowing.
19 4
15. Writing Effective Emails
In this unit you will learn useful terms and phrases that you will often need when writing emails, including ways to phrase your concerns as well as polite greetings. This will help you follow proper email etiquette.
20 4
16. Company Benefits and Compensation
In this unit you will learn the ins and outs of how an organization may compensate you for your work - other than your salary and verbal recognition.
25 4
17. Business Ethics
In this unit you will learn vocabulary based on ethical behavior in a business setting. Ethics are a vital part of having a profitable and successful business.
21 4
18. Office Safety
Workplace safety is an extremely important aspect that you should always discuss with your employer in order to ensure your wellbeing. In this unit you will learn the most important terms to do just that.
20 4
19. Working Remotely
The Covid-19 pandemic has irreversibly transformed the employment landscape, with remote work having drastically risen in popularity - a trend that is not going anywhere. In this unit, learn all the vocabulary terms you need to know to talk remote work and working from home.
20 4
20. Successful Intercultural Business
In this unit you will learn about intercultural business and all the factors that contribute to navigating such an environment successfully. The vocabulary selected for this lesson is based on academic research such as Hofstede’s cultural dimensions theory, a widely recognized model to understand cultural difference across countries.
26 4